About Us

Since 1902, Rocky Hill Fire Department has earned an esteemed reputation as a family of firefighters. Though we don’t all share a bloodline, we are connected by our shared principles: community, pride and tradition, as well as our commitment to keeping our neighbors safe and their property protected. 

We average over 200 calls a year consisting of structural fires, vehicular rescues and other emergencies. Our department trains regularly and intensively to refine our skills in fire suppression, search and rescue, rapid intervention and swift water rescue. Those seeking a heightened level of training receive it at no cost through the Somerset and Mercer County Fire Academies.

We operate with two trucks and a team of adept and experienced firefighters. Rocky Hill gets the job done and our neighboring fire companies respect us for it.

Our volunteers range from seasoned veterans of the fire service to teenagers learning new skills as Junior Firefighters. Regardless of age or longevity with Rocky Hill, we all serve with an enduring commitment to keeping our neighbors safe.

If you are interested in serving your community, learning new skills and joining a tight-knit family of lifesavers, Rocky Hill has a place for you!

“Volunteering for the fire department is my way of giving back and making a difference in someone’s life.”
— Joseph S. Basca, Firefighter